Bola Prabhakar Kamath

Mr.Bola Prabhakar Kamath is a savvy first generation entrepreneur of the famous bolkar family of Karkala well known in the field of cashew processing & exports for more than 8 decades , he is a visionary who made it all happen and transformed the firm Gayathri Cashews into a leading exporter of kernels and other agricultural commodities. As of today he is ably assisted by his sons who are savvy and well educated professional managers themselves.

Bola Srinivas Kamath

Mr. Bola Srinivas Kamath is the eldest son of Sri. Bola Prabhakar Kamath & Smt. Bola Shanthi .P.Kamath in the Bolkar family famously known for the cashew processing industry founded by them.  Srinivas Kamath is the Managing partner leading Gayathri Cashews into becoming a star export house engaged in Cashew Imports  Processing & Exports.He is a B.A from Mangalore University . He is also part of the following firms as follows.

  • Sole Proprieter of M/s Prayag Agritech , Kammarady Village, Koppa Taluk , engaged in processing cashew.
  • Partner at M/s Damodar Infra & Minerals engaged in quarrying of Metal Granites.
  • Partner at M/s Aradhana Developers, Salmar Karkala Engaged in Real Estate & Property Builders.

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Mobile  +91 77607 04596   /   Email:

Bola Prashanth Kamath.

Bola Prashanth Kamath is the youngest son of Sri.Bola Prabhakar Kamath & Smt. Bola Shanthi.P.Kamath , he is a B.Com Graduate from Sri Bhuvenendra College , Karkala , he is a partner in many businesses like the following .

  • Gayathri Exports, Attur North Karkala
  • Gayathri Cashew Exports, Kalakar, Kalya Village, Karkala
  • Gayathri Agro Exports, Bola Vanjarakatte, Karkala
  • Damodar Infra & Minerals , Nitte, Karkala
  • Aradhana Developers, Salmar, Karkala

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Mobile: 98452 07172  /  Email: